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Garner's Fordcommunity in NE Rutherford County served by post office, 1828-1933.
Garner's StationSee Garner.
Garners Storecommunity on the Randolph-Moore county line.
Garnettcommunity in W Rutherford County served by post office, 1884-96.
Garr Islandin the waters of Pamlico Sound off the N tip of Pea Island, E Dare County.
Garreck Creekrises in N Cherokee County and flows SE and SW into Beaverdam Creek.
Garren BranchSee Gerren Branch.
Garren Creekrises in SE Buncombe County and flows NW into Cane Creek.
Garren MountainSE Buncombe County SW of Dyeleaf Mountain.
Garren MountainN Henderson County between Bank Mountain and Sand Flat Mountain.