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Gaylors Branchrises in W Transylvania County between Indian Creek and Shoal Creek and flows S about 1 mi. to empty into Indian Creek just above its junction with Shoal Creek.
Gelacommunity in N Granville County. Alt. 483.
Gemcommunity in NW Buncombe County served by post office, 1886-1929.
Gem Creekrises in W Jackson County and flows SE into Little Pine Creek.
General Assemblyhas met in the following places, which see. Bath, Edenton, Fayetteville, Halifax, Halls Creek, Hillsborough, Little River, New Bern, Perquimans County, Raleigh, Smithfield, Tarboro, Wake Court House (Raleigh), and Wilmington. It may also have met at other places, but many records of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries have not survived.
Genevacommunity in S Rockingham County served by post office, 1888-1902.
Genleecommunity in S Durham County. Formerly known as Togo, the name of a Japanese city given the community when a railroad station opened there about 1904. The name was changed after the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, to honor Gen. Robert E. Lee. Produces bricks.
Genoacommunity in S central Wayne County. Named for Genoa, Italy, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.
Gentrycommunity in SW Rockingham County served by post office, 1886-1903. Named for first postmaster.
Gentry Branchrises in N Buncombe County and flows NW into Adkins Branch.