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G. Newby's FerrySee Belvidere.
Gabby Branchrises in N Cherokee County and flows SW into Colvard Creek.
Gabes Branchrises in S Nash County and flows NE into Henry Branch. Mentioned in local records as early as 1779.
Gabes Mountain Branchrises in E central Avery County and flows S into Wilson Creek.
Gabourel's Bluffwas a name applied to an area on the W side of Cape Fear River in present NE Brunswick County. At one time, it was the property of Joshua Gabourel, attorney and a justice of the peace in New Hanover County in 1736. Known as Partridge's Bluff prior to 1735.
Gabriels Creekrises in E Madison County and flows SW into Ivy River.
Gadd Creekrises in W Polk County and flows S into Green River.
Gaddis Branchrises in S Haywood County and flows N into Jonathans Creek.
Gaddy TownshipS Robeson County.
Gaddy's Goose PondN central Anson County near Ansonville. Est. 1934 by Lockhart Gaddy when 9 geese were offered winter protection and food. Thousands of geese now winter there.