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Jacksonvillecity and county seat, central Onslow County on New River. Alt. 23. A courthouse was constructed near there about 1757 at Wantland's Ferry. A new courthouse was constructed within ½ mi. of the old one about 1819, and the county seat was called Onslow Court House. In 1843 the town of Jacksonville was authorized to be est. and inc. there, but it was not immediately done; the act was reenacted in 1849. Named for President Andrew Jackson (1767-1845). Produces lumber and apparel. Camp Lejeune is adjacent. See also Johnston.
Jacksonvilletown authorized in 1818 to be laid off on the lands of Hezekiah Naylor and Maccajah Lassiter in Randolph County "on the road from Fayetteville to Salisbury." The exact location is not known, and the town probably never developed.
Jacksonville Townshipcentral Onslow County.
Jacob Branchrises in central Macon County and flows NE into Rocky Branch.
Jacob Branchrises in W Pitt County and flows SE into Black Swamp.
Jacob Branchrises in W Robeson County and flows SE into Lumber River.
Jacob Creekrises in E central Stanly County and flows SE into Pee Dee River.
Jacob Forkrises in S Burke County and flows NE into Catawba County, where it joins Henry Fork in forming South Fork Catawba River. Named for Jacob Shuford, a pioneer settler.
Jacob Swamprises in central Robeson County and flows SE into Weatherspoon Cooling Pond. Approx. 7 mi. long.
Jacob's GapW Ashe County near the Tennessee state line. Named for an Indian youth said to have been killed by a white man.