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Jackcommunity in NE Warren County. Post office est. there in 1901, but discontinued in 1905. Due to a shift in population, the community is dwindling, and the name is not widely known.
Jack Bradley Branchrises in N Swain County and flows S into Beech Flats Prong.
Jack Cabin Branchrises in S Jones County and flows NW into Trent River.
Jack CoveNW Jackson County, formerly Schuler Cove. In 1956, on a 5,000-acre tract there, R. H. Kress est. the Jack Kress School and renamed Schuler Cove in honor of his late son. Operated as a trade school, there is a model farm and nursery; classes in forestry and various trades are conducted.
Jack Creekrises in central Beaufort County and flows E into Nevil Creek.
Jack Creekrises in E Beaufort County and flows NW into Pungo Creek.
Jack Creekrises in NW Jackson County and flows SW into Tuckasegee River.
Jack Gapcentral Buncombe County between Pine Knob and Bartlett Mountain.
Jack Island SwampW Duplin County on Nahunga Creek.
Jack KnobE Macon County between Passmore Knob and Watauga Creek.