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Joyner'sformer town in N Wilson County. Site approx. 1 mi. N of Elm City. Inc. 1870 on Wilmington and Weldon Railroad, now Seaboard Coast Line Railroad. Depot est. 1839; post office, 1846-73. Declined after establishment of Toisnot, now Elm City, which see.
Joynescommunity in N Wilkes County on East Prong Roaring River.
Jubileecommunity in W Davidson County.
Judaculla MountainN Jackson County between Balsam and Willits. Judaculla (or Jutaculla) was a giant in Indian legend.
Judaculla RidgeE Jackson County between Beechfat Creek and Mull Creek.
Judaculla Rockcentral Jackson County 3½ mi. SE of East Laport on Caney Fork. Large rock covered with well-preserved Indian picture writing of unknown origin and meaning.
Judd MountainW Wilkes County between Lewis Fork Creek and South Fork Reddies River. Named for the Judd family, which settled in the vicinity before 1778.
Judes Gapon the Polk-Rutherford county line.
Judges Quartercommunity in S Hyde County.
Judithcommunity in N central Union County.