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Jack Smith Creekrises in central Craven County SW of New Bern and flows NE into Neuse River. It forms a part of the limits of New Bern.
Jack Swampflourished as a community on the stream of that name in N Northampton County from about 1775, when a Quaker meetinghouse was built there, until about 1812, by which time most of the people had moved to central North Carolina and to Ohio.
Jack Trail MountainW Madison County between Little Creek and Meadow Fork.
Jack's Branchrises in E central Wake County and flows SE into Neuse River.
Jackdawcommunity in S central Stanly County.
Jacket Swamprises in W central Halifax County and flows SE into Burnt Coat Swamp.
Jackeye Creekrises in NE Brunswick County and flows NE approx. 5 mi. into Brunswick River.
Jackie Branchrises in S Clay County and flows SE into Shooting Creek.
Jackies Mill Branchrises in N Yancey County and flows SE into Cane River.
Jackrabbit MountainS Clay County. Now a peninsula in Chatuge Lake.