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Hancock PointW Carteret County, extends into White Oak River.
Hancock Townappears on Moseley map, 1733, as Handcocks Town in present Craven County. It was the Tuscarora Indian village of King Hancock, who participated in the 1710 attack on New Bern.
Hancock Villagepart of Cherry Point housing area in SE Craven County. See also Cherry Point.
Handpole Branchrises in central Avery County and flows N into Kentucky Creek.
Handycommunity in SE Davidson County. Residents formerly received mail at Jackson Hill, 3 mi. w, and wanted a post office that would be "handy" for them. Post office est. 1889, discontinued 1931.
Handy GapN Wilkes County on Carters Mountain. Named for local family.
Hanesor former community in S Forsyth County. Named for Hanes family, which est. a mill village there. Now within the corporate limits of Winston-Salem. Alt. 887.
Haney Creekrises in S Yancey County and flows E into Elk Fork.
Hanging BluffSee Hanging Rock State Park.
Hanging Dogcommunity in NW Cherokee County.