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Hammers Millpondin W Robeson and SW Scotland Counties on Little Pee Dee River.
Hammock, TheE bank of the mouth of Queens Creek in SE Onslow County. Called Starkey's Hammock in the 1790s, when it was owned by Edward Starkey. Long site of summer meetings by black teachers.
Hammocks Beachresort on Bear Island, Onslow County. A state park.
Hammond MountainS Henderson County between Mill Creek and Cabin Creek. Alt. 2,978.
Hammonds Creekrises in central Bladen County and flows NE into Cape Fear River. Appears on the Moseley map, 1733.
Hampsteadcommunity in SE Pender County. Alt. 56.
Hamptonformer community in SW Granville County served by post office, 1879-1906. Was located near Durham-Granville county line and dated from the nineteenth century. The site now lies within the Butner area. Ceased to exist when Camp Butner was created. See also Butner.
HamptonSee Ruth.
Hampton BaySee Pettivers Bay.
Hampton Branchrises in NW Macon County and flows S into Partridge Creek.