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Fairfieldtown on the N shore of Lake Mattamuskeet in central Hyde County. Alt. 3. Inc. 1885. Said to have been named for "fair fields" of crops grown on adjacent reclaimed swampland.
Fairfield FallsS Jackson County on Trays Island Creek near N edge of Fairfield Lake. Alt. approx. 3,200.
Fairfield LakeS Jackson County on Trays Island Creek formed in 1910. Covers 100 acres; max. depth 40 ft. Used for fishing, swimming, and boating and as a power source. Not open to the public. See also Fairfield Falls.
Fairfield RidgeSE Clay County between Scaly Ridge and Bear Pen Ridge.
Fairfield TownshipN central Hyde County.
Fairlycommunity in central Scotland County.
FairmontSee Southmont.
Fairmonttown in S Robeson County. Known first as Ashpole for nearby Ashpole Swamp. Inc. 1899 as Union City; name changed to Ashpole, 1901, and to Fairmont, 1907.
Fairmont TownshipS Robeson County.
Fairntoshcommunity in N Durham County. Named for the plantation of Duncan Cameron (1777-1853); house built in 1802 still stands. Former post office nearby was named Stagville. Alt. 284.