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Faisons Old Taverncommunity in central Northampton County between Corduroy and Wildcat Swamps. Named for a tavern operated there by the Faison family. The community of Odamsville, which had a post office as early as 1830, is traditionally said to have been the predecessor of Faisons Old Tavern.
Faithtown in S Rowan County. Inc. 1903. Named for a granite quarry opened by J. T. Wyatt, who lacked experience in quarrying but went ahead with his work "on faith."
Falcontown in NE Cumberland County on Mingo Swamp. Alt. 125. Known as Starling's Bridge from as early as 1863 until 1893, when a post office was est. Inc. 1913. When a name was being sought for the post office, it is said that J. A. Culbreth glanced at a box of Falcon pens on the shelf of a country store and said, "Name it Falcon."
Falklandtown in W Pitt County. Post office est. in 1813 as Bensborough, changed to Falkland in 1838. Inc. 1887. Said to have been named for Falkland, Scotland, long the home of Scottish kings; or may have been named for the Falkland Islands, which the British had long claimed but only finally occupied a few years before Bensborough was changed to Falkland. Alt. 76.
Falkland TownshipNW Pitt County. Formerly named California Township.
Fall Branchrises in S Yancey County and flows NW into Big Lost Cove Creek.
Fall Branchrises in E Wake County and flows E into Little River.
Fall Branchrises in W Madison County and flows S into Roaring Fork.
Fall Branchrises in W Macon County and flows NE into Burningtown Creek.
Fall Branchrises in E Macon County and flows NW into Mica City Creek.