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Yonah-wayahSee Hanging Rock.
Yorickcommunity in central Bladen County served by post office, 1902-20.
Yorkformer community in NW Warren County. A post office was est. there in 1902 but discontinued in 1905.
York Collegiate Institutecommunity in N Alexander County served by post office, 1855-1908.
York CountyOn December 7, 1771, in the General Assembly, a bill for dividing the W part of Rowan County and erecting York County and St. James Parish was read for the second time and passed. Rejected on December 10 by the Council. Iredell County, which see, was created from W Rowan County in 1788. St. James Episcopal Church, in the S part of Iredell County, was est. about 1800.
York Creekrises in SW Carteret County and flows W into White Oak River.
York InstituteSee York Collegiate Institute.
Yorkvillecommunity in NW Bladen County served by post office, 1869-89.
Yostcommunity in S Rowan County served by post office, 1888-1906.
Younce Creekrises in N Macon County and flows SE into Burningtown Creek.