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Yellow MountainSE Clay County between the forks of Little Buck and Buck Creeks to Water Oak Gap. Alt. 5,000-5,050.
Yellow Mountainon the Jackson-Macon county line. Alt. 5,145. Known by the Indians as Taloh-na or Da-loh-no-geh (yellow).
Yellow MountainsSee Unaka Mountains.
Yellow Patch Branchrises in E Jackson County and flows SW into Wolf Creek.
Yellow Patch Branchrises in S Macon County and flows NW into Hemp Patch Branch.
Yellow Spotmountain in N Mitchell County. Alt. 5,112.
Yellow Swamprises in S Wayne County and flows W into Thoroughfare Swamp.
Yellowcreekcommunity in N Graham County on Yellow Creek. Served by post office, 1878-1953. Alt. 1,800.
Yellowhammer Branchrises in NW Graham County and flows E into Cheoah River.
Yellowhammer GapNW Graham County between Hangover Lead and Little Tennessee River.