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Wrightsville Beachtown in E New Hanover County on Wrightsville Beach island between the Atlantic Ocean and Wrightsville Sound. Settled about 1889; inc. 1899. Alt. 5. Summer resort.
Wrightsville InletSee Moore Inlet.
Wrightsville SoundE New Hanover County W of Wrightsville Beach island. See also Wrightsville.
Wristoncommunity in W Mecklenburg County served by post office, 1899-1902.
Wyanokecommunity in NW Gates County on Chowan River.
Wyant Branchrises in SW Macon County and flows SW into Long Branch.
Wyattcommunity in N Wake County near Smiths Creek. Served by post office, 1891-1910.
Wycle Creekrises in W central Haywood County and flows E into Jonathans Creek.
Wyecommunity in E Harnett County 1 mi. NE of Erwin; there, the railroad has a "Y" connection, with one line leading to Erwin and the other to Dunn.
Wyesocking Bayin Pamlico Sound, E Hyde County, bounded by Long Point on the NE and by Hog Island Point on the sw. The Collet map, 1770, shows Yesocking Creek flowing into the bay, unnamed on the map. The creek named by Collet no longer exists since a canal has been dug at or near its course. The Indian word from which Wyesocking has developed is believed to have been wayäci, which, in combination with another word, meant "directly" or "straightaway," referring to a landing place.