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W. Kerr Scott ReservoirSW Wilkes County on Yadkin River. Formed by a dam completed in 1962. Covers 1,470 acres, with a shoreline of 55 mi. Alt. 1,030. Named for William Kerr Scott (1896-1958), governor of North Carolina and U.S. senator. Constructed for flood control and public recreation.
Waccamaw Riverrises in Lake Waccamaw, NE Columbus County, and flows S and SW in part along the Brunswick-Columbus county line into South Carolina, where it enters Winyah Bay. Appears on the Collet map, 1770.
Waccamaw TownshipW Brunswick County.
Waccamaw TownshipN Columbus County.
WachSee Wachovia; Salem Creek.
Wachoviaa tract of land laid off by the General Assembly in 1755 in NE Rowan County (now Forsyth) as an area for settlement by Moravians. The Parish of Dobbs was est. at the same time, coextensive with Wachovia. Wachovia, or Wachau-the-Aue (meadow land) along the Wach or Wack (principal stream), received its name from the fact that its water course and meadow land bore some resemblance to a valley in Austria of the same name that formerly belonged to the Zinzendorf family, prominent Moravian leaders. The parish was named Dobbs in honor of Governor Arthur Dobbs. See also Dobbs Parish.
WackSee Wachovia; Salem Creek.
Wacotown in E Cleveland County. Alt. 916. Settled 1857. Inc. 1887. Named by George W. Hendrick for Waco, Tex.
Waddellscommunity in central Rockingham County served by post office, 1876-1903. Known as Langdon after 1890.
Wadetown in NE Cumberland County. Settled about 1886. Inc. 1889; reincorporated 1913, but long inactive in municipal affairs. Named for N. G. Wade, who donated the railroad right-of-way. Alt. 141.