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Van Eedencommunity in N Pender County. Est. on land purchased in 1909 by Frederik van Eeden (1860-1932) and Hugh MacRae for a colony of Dutch farmers. In 1939 the remaining land was purchased by a New York corporation as a refuge for Jews fleeing Germany. The last Dutch family left in 1949.
Van Noy Branchrises in NE McDowell County and flows E into Long Branch.
Van Swampextends NE from N Beaufort County into SW Washington County. Area. approx. 12,000 acres.
Vance Countywas formed in 1881 from Granville, Warren, and Franklin Counties. Located in the NE section of the state, it is bounded by the state of Virginia and by Warren, Franklin, and Granville Counties. It was named for Zebulon Baird Vance (1830-94), governor of North Carolina, congressman, and senator. Area. 268 sq. mi. County seat: Henderson, with an elevation of 513 ft. Townships are Dabney, Henderson, Kittrell, Middleburg, Nutbush, Sandy Creek, Townsville, Watkins, and Williamsboro. Produces tobacco, corn, wheat, oats, cotton, poultry, hogs, dairy products, livestock, cantaloupes, peanuts, soybeans, mobile homes, textiles, hosiery, glass products, pickles, tungsten, crushed stone, and sand.
Vance KnobN Buncombe County between Ray Knob and the junction of Ox and Reems Creeks.
Vance MountainSW Cherokee County between Hot House and Rapier Mill Creeks. Probably named for Governor Zebulon B. Vance (1830-94).
Vance Mountainon the Henderson County, N.C.-Greenville County, S.C., line. Named for Governor Zebulon B. Vance (1830-94). The scene of the 1829 duel between Robert Brank Vance and Samuel Price Carson.
Vance TownshipW Union County.
Vanceborotown in N Craven County on Swift Creek. Settled about 1750 and known as Durgantown. Name changed by 1850 to Swift Creek. Inc. 1877 as Vanceboro in honor of Governor Zebulon B. Vance (1830-94) after he made a campaign speech there in 1876 while running for second term as governor. Alt. 24.
Vandaliaformer community in S Guilford County; now within the Greensboro city limits.