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Vade Mecumformer resort and present Episcopal Church summer camp at the junction of Vade Mecum Creek and South Double Creek in W Stokes County. Alt. 1,800. Local mineral springs accredited with curative powers by Saura Indians; about 1860 the site was acquired by Sparks family, circus operators, who built a resort hotel. It was later acquired by the Episcopal Church. Name from Latin phrase meaning "go with me," attributed to an Indian legend involving a planned elopement.
Vade Mecum Creekrises in W Stokes County and flows NE into South Double Creek.
Val Dorformer rural post office, 1904-1905, located in a country store on the headwaters of Silver Creek in SW Burke County. Probably named for a gold mine on the Hodge plantation approx. 1 mi. away.
ValdaSee Val Dor.
Valdesetown in E central Burke County. Alt. 1,203. Settled in 1893 by a group of Waldensians from N Italy. Inc. 1920. Name is Italian for "Valley of Our Lord." Produces hosiery, textiles, furniture, and bakery products.
Valecommunity in central Avery County.
Valecommunity in NW Lincoln County. Noted for the apple orchards in the vicinity. Post office est. in 1924.
Valhallacommunity in central Chowan County. Alt. 39.
Valhallacommunity in SW Polk County served by post office, 1923-50. Settled about 1885. Named for the Norse mythological Hall of Odin, where the souls of heroes slain in battle were received; the name is said to have been applied in commemoration of the battle at Round Mountain, which see, in 1776.
Valhalla Domepeak on the NE end of Rich Mountain, W Mitchell County. Alt. over 4,060 ft.