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Rattlesnake Knobon the Buncombe-Haywood county line.
Rattlesnake KnobNE Cherokee County in the Valley River Mountains.
Rattlesnake KnobW Haywood County on the W end of Eaglenest Ridge.
Rattlesnake KnobN Henderson County at the head of Harper Creek.
Rattlesnake Knobbetween Glassy Rock Ridge and Glenville Lake in S Jackson County.
Rattlesnake Knobon the SE end of Rattlesnake Ridge in N Jackson County.
Rattlesnake Knobon the Jackson-Macon county line.
Rattlesnake Knobat the head of Younce Creek in N Macon County.
Rattlesnake KnobNW Macon County between Pierce Creek and Rowlin Creek.
Rattlesnake Knobin SE Macon County between Rich Mountain and Houston Branch.