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Rattlesnake Branchrises in SE Brunswick County and flows SW into River Swamp.
Rattlesnake Branchrises in NW Columbus County and flows W then N into Horsepen Creek.
Rattlesnake Branchrises in N Duplin County and flows E into Northeast Cape Fear River.
Rattlesnake Branchrises in N Jones County and flows SE into Beaver Creek.
Rattlesnake Branchrises in E Macon County and flows NW into Brush Creek.
Rattlesnake Branchrises in NW McDowell County on the S slope of Woods Mountain and flows SE approx. 1 mi. into Little Buck Creek.
Rattlesnake Cliffmountain in E Swain County between Hayes Ridge and Hickorynut Knob. Alt. 4,950.
Rattlesnake Creekrises in N Macon County and flows NE into Swain County, where it enters Little Tennessee River.
Rattlesnake Creekrises in W Pender County and flows SE into Whiteoak Creek.
Rattlesnake KnobSE Buncombe County NW of Lake Charles.