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Queens Creekrises in NW Macon County and flows W and N into Swain County, where it enters Nantahala River. Queens Falls on the stream was obliterated when Nantahala Power and Light Company diverted the water for a hydroelectric project.
Queens Creekrises in E Onslow County and flows SE into White Oak River. Named for Queen Anne (1665-1714). Name occurs in local records as early as 1713. Appears on the Moseley map, 1733. Otway Burns (1775-1848), privateer in the War of 1812, was born on the W side of Queens Creek.
Queens Creek Lakeformed in 1948 on Queens Creek in NW Macon County. Covers 37 acres, with a max. depth of 68 ft. Owned by Nantahala Power and Light Company to generate electricity.
Queens FallsSee Queens Creek.
Queensdalecommunity in N Robeson County served by post office, 1820-1904. Formerly known as McQueen's Store.
Query'scommunity in E Mecklenburg County served by post office, 1859-1903. Named for James Query, first postmaster.
Quewhiffle Creekrises in W Hoke County and flows S into Lumber River. The name may be derived through faulty pronunciation from the Gaelic Culmhutar (pronounced "kul-vutar"), meaning "smuggler" or "mutineer." See also Cuwhiffle.
Quewhiffle TownshipW Hoke County.
QuheleSee Maxton.
Quickcommunity in W Caswell County originally known as Kill Quick. Post office est. there in 1898 closed 1909.