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Neddie Knobon the NE end of Neddie Mountain in E Jackson County.
Neddie MountainE Jackson County, extends NE between Dismal Mountain and Neddie Knob.
Neds Creekrises in W Carteret County and flows W into Koonces Bay of White Oak River.
Neds Lick GapW Haywood County on the head of Hemphill Creek.
Neds Marshcentral Duplin County.
Nee-oh-laSee Pigeon River; West Fork Pigeon River.
Needhams MountainS Randolph County near the head of Fork Creek.
Needmorecommunity in S Caldwell County between Lower and Smoky Creeks.
Needmorecommunity in NW Franklin County. Also known as Wilder.
Needmorecommunity in Moore County N of Carthage. Settled by African Americans after the Civil War.