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NealsvilleSee Glenwood.
Neatmancommunity in S central Stokes County. A post office operated there, 1857-1903.
Neatman Creekrises in S central Stokes County and flows S into Town Fork Creek.
Nebocommunity in E McDowell County. Inc. 1909; charter repealed 1943. Alt. 1,282. A popular Methodist campground there before the Civil War was known as Nebo for the biblical mountain. When the North Carolina Railroad was constructed, the station there took the name of the campground.
Nebocommunity in N central Yadkin County. Once known as Mount Nebo.
Nebo TownshipE McDowell County.
Nebraskatown in E Hyde County. Inc. 1855, but long inactive in municipal affairs. Probably named because of the importance of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, which repealed the Missouri Compromise.
Ned Branchrises in central Haywood County and flows SE into Hemphill Creek.
Ned Gapin SW Jackson County between Rich Mountain and West Fork [Dicks Creek].
Neddie Creekrises in E Jackson County and flows SE into Tuckasegee River.