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Kentucky Creekrises in central Avery County and flows S and W into North Toe River.
KeoweeSee Cowee.
Kephart Prongrises in N Swain County in Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the E slope of Mount Kephart and flows SE to join Beech Flats Prong in forming Oconaluftee River. Named for Horace Kephart (1862-1931), author and authority on campcraft, who is buried in Bryson City.
Kerners CrossroadsSee Kernersville.
Kerners Mill Creekrises in E Forsyth County and flows W into Salem Lake.
Kernersvilletown in E Forsyth County. Inc. 1871. Site first settled in 1756 by Caleb Story, an Irishman. It was purchased about 1770 by William Dobson and came to be known as Dobson's Crossroads; Washington had breakfast at Dobson's tavern on June 2, 1791. In 1871 Joseph Kerner bought the property, and the town that developed there took his name. Formerly Kerner's Crossroads. Former Southern Pilgrim College was located there. Produces hosiery, textiles, and fabricated metals.
Kernersville TownshipE Forsyth County.
Kernersville Water Reservoiron Kerners Mill Creek, E Forsyth County. Formed 1953. Covers 120 acres; max. depth 25 ft.
Kerrcommunity in New Hanover County.
Kerrcommunity in S Sampson County. Settled about 1888. Named for John Daniel Kerr, who influenced the location of the Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley Railroad on the E side of the Cape Fear River. Alt. 91.