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Kilby GapSW Macon County on Kilby Creek.
Kildeer MountainW Cherokee County between Rocky Ford Creek and Shoal Creek.
Kilgocommunity in NE Chatham County served by post office, 1898-1904.
Kilkennycommunity in S Tyrrell County. See also Warbler.
Kilkenny LandingS Tyrrell County on Alligator River.
Kill Devil Hilllarge sand hill, E Dare County, appears first on Price map, 1808. It was from Kill Devil Hill in 1903 that the Wright Brothers made the first successful powered airplane flight. Site of 60-foot-tall monument honoring the achievement.
Kill Devil Hillstown on N Bodie Island, E Dare County. Inc. 1953. There are numerous legends concerning the origin of the name, but among the earliest was one recorded in 1728 by William Byrd of Virginia. He reported that rum consumed in that part of Carolina was shipped from New England and was of such strength that a saying arose: "That thar rum is powerful enough to kill the devil." Alt. 11.
Kill Devil Hills Coast Guard Stationon N Bodie Island in E Dare County. First est. as a life-saving station in 1878-79. Life-saving Service and Revenue Cutter Service joined to form U.S. Coast Guard in 1915.
Kill QuickSee Quick.
Kill Swamprises in N Sampson County and flows SW into Great Coharie Creek.