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Hurricane RidgeNW Swain County, a short spur extending W from Big Grill Ridge.
Hurricane RidgeSee Rose Ridge.
Hurricane Topmountain in SW Macon County between Clear Branch and Rocky Cove.
Hurricane TownshipNE Ashe County.
Hurricane, The (HARRY-kin)SE corner of Granville County and parts of Franklin and Wake Counties where a storm wreaked havoc in the nineteenth century.
Hurst BeachSee Onslow Beach.
Hurts Creekrises in N Montgomery County and flows SW into Denson Creek.
Husbands Creekrises in SW Caldwell County and flows S into Lower Creek. Named for Veazey Husband, locally noted Tory who lived in the vicinity.
Huskcommunity in NW Ashe County. Railroad name is Nella. Post office est. there, 1915.
Huskanaw SwampSee Collie Swamp.