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Hunts PondSee Lake View.
Huntsborocommunity in E Granville County. Named for John and Mourning Hunt, residents in 1760s.
Huntsboroughtown authorized in 1814 to be laid off on the lands of Jonathan Hunt "on the waters of Little Ivey" in what was then Buncombe County but is now Madison County. The town apparently did not materialize.
Huntsvilletown in SE Yadkin County near Yadkin River. Chartered 1792 by Charles Hunt of Salisbury, who sold lots there. Thomas L. Clingman, U.S. senator and Confederate general, was born there. Town rechartered 1822, but long inactive in municipal affairs.
Huntsville Mountainsa ridge in S McDowell County near Glenwood. Extensive gold-mining operations were carried on there from the mid-nineteenth century until 1909.
Huntsville TownshipSW Rockingham County. Name derived from activity of sportsmen in area.
Hurdle Millscommunity in SW Person County.
Hurdle Ridgea strip of high ground in the Dismal Swamp, SE Gates County.
Hurley LakeSee Eury Lake.
Huroncommunity in NW Tyrrell County served by post office, 1900-1908.