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Falls of Gouges CreekE Mitchell County.
Falls of GunpowderSee Granite Falls.
Falls of the Neuserapids in Neuse River, N Wake County near the community of Falls. Name appears on the Price map, 1808.
Fallstontown in NE Cleveland County. Settled 1885. Inc. 1893, but long inactive in municipal affairs. Alt. 950. Named for John Z. Falls, sheriff of the county when the town was inc. Served by post office, 1886-1940.
FallstownSee Bells Cross Roads.
Fallstown TownshipSW Iredell County.
False Gapon the Swain County, N.C.-Sevier County, Tenn., line in Great Smoky Mountains National Park between The Sawteeth and Laurel Top.
Fancycommunity in S Cleveland County served by post office, 1883-1902.
Fancy HillSee Loray.
Fandoncommunity in Mecklenburg County served by post office, 1892-95.