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Quallacommunity in NW Jackson County on Shoal Creek. The name is from the Cherokee word kwalli (old woman), because an old Cherokee woman, Polly, lived there. Also called Quallatown. Alt. 2,250.
Qualla Boundaryhome of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in Swain, Jackson, and Haywood Counties in Great Smoky Mountains. Est. by the United States after the Cherokee removal of 1838. Covers 63,000 acres and is the largest Indian reservation E of the Mississippi. The reservation is divided into Big Cove Town, Wolf Town, Yellow Hill Town, Paint Town, and Bird Town townships. In addition, a number of Cherokees living off the reservation in Cheoah Township, Graham County, are under tribal jurisdiction. Land is held in common and assigned on a tenant system.
Qualla TownshipN Jackson County.
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