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New Topsail BeachSee Topsail Beach.
New Topsail InletS Pender County between Old Topsail Inlet and the Onslow-Pender county line, through which waters of Topsail Sound flow into the Atlantic Ocean. Appears on the Moseley map, 1733.
Old Topsail Creekrises in S Pender County and flows S into Topsail Sound.
Old Topsail InletS Pender County, through which waters of Topsail Sound enter the Atlantic Ocean. It lies between New Topsail Inlet on the N and Rich Inlet on the s.
Old Topsail InletSee Beaufort Inlet.
Topsailcommunity in S Pender County. Alt. 40.
Topsail Beachtown in SE Pender County on the Atlantic Ocean side of Topsail Island. Inc. 1963. Known prior to 1963 as New Topsail Beach.
Topsail InletSee Beaufort Inlet.
Topsail IslandE Pender County. Barrier beach lying between Topsail Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. Approx. 8½ mi. long.
Topsail Soundextends NE from Mason Inlet, NE New Hanover County, across Pender County to Stump Inlet on the Onslow-Pender county line. It is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a barrier beach. The sound, about 17 mi. in length, is filled with tidal-marsh islands. Named for the fact that local residents watched from there for the appearance of topsails of approaching vessels.
Topsail TownshipSE Pender County.
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