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New Salemcommunity in N Randolph County served by post office, 1879-1906.
New Salemcommunity in NE Union County. Named for a local school by the State Highway Commission when it took over maintenance of local roads and a name was entered on a road map of the county. The crossroads community there was originally called Euto by returning veterans of the Battle of Eutaw Springs, S.C., during the Revolution. Served by post office, 1880-1905.
New SalemSee Salem.
New Salem TownshipNE Union County.
Old SalemSee Salem.
Salemcommunity in SE Burke County.
Salemformerly an independent city in central Forsyth County; inc. 1856, but since 1913 consolidated with Winston as Winston-Salem, which see. Salem was laid out and settled in 1766 by Moravians; its name, meaning "peace," is said to have been selected by Count Nikolaus Zinzendorf, patron and leader of the Moravian Church, prior to his death in 1760. Records of the Moravians from 1752 to 1876 have been published in 10 volumes. Old Salem has been largely restored as a living history museum, with shops, homes, a tavern (where George Washington was entertained in 1791), and other buildings open to the public.
Salemcommunity in S Lincoln County.
Salemcommunity in N Randolph County. Authorized to be laid off as New Salem, 1818; inc. 1831, but long inactive in municipal affairs. Came to be known as Salem after 1882. Long the site of a popular camp meeting in the summer.
Salemcommunity in N Surry County between Lovills Creek and Ararat River.
Salem ChapelSee Dennis.
Salem Chapel TownshipNE Forsyth County.
Salem Churchcommunity in SW Randolph County served by post office, 1840-1918.
Salem Creekrises in E Forsyth County and flows SW through the city of Winston-Salem into Muddy Creek in the SW corner of the county. Appears as Wack Creek on the Collet map, 1770; as "Middle Watch Creek" on the Price map, 1808; and finally as Middle Fork on the MacRae map, 1833. Known as Middle Fork or Middle Fork Muddy Creek until 1966, when the present name was adopted. Wack and Watch undoubtedly are derived from the name Wachovia, which see.
Salem CreekSee Niggerhead Creek.
Salem LakeNE Forsyth County, is fed by Lowery Mill Creek, Kerners Mill Creek, and other streams. Formed 1942. Covers 400 acres, with a max. depth of 35 ft. Source of water for Winston-Salem.
Salem TownshipE central Granville County.
Salem TownshipS Pasquotank County.
Winston-Salemcity and county seat, central Forsyth County. Formed in 1913 by the consolidation of Winston and Salem, which see, previously independent towns. Winston-Salem State University, Salem College, Wake Forest University, and the University of North Carolina School of the Arts are there. Produces tobacco, textiles, hosiery, bakery products, machinery, fabricated metals, furniture, corrugated boxes, apparel, and processed meat. Alt. 858.
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