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Blue Ridge PinnacleSee Pinnacle.
Craggy Pinnaclepeak in the Great Craggy Mountains, NE Buncombe County. Appears in early records and on old maps as Buckner's Knob. Alt. 5,900-6,000.
High Pinnaclecentral Buncombe County NW of Elk Wallow Gap in the Elk Mountains.
Lane PinnacleN Buncombe County at the E end of Bull Mountain. Alt. 5,277. Named for the owner, Charles Lane, who, in the first quarter of the nineteenth century, operated an iron forge on Reems Creek. He obtained some of his ore from the mountain.
Little PinnacleS Macon County between Pinnacle Branch and the head of Jones Creek.
Pinnaclemountain at the intersection of the Buncombe-McDowell-Yancey county lines. Alt. 5,665. Sometimes referred to as Blue Ridge Pinnacle to distinguish it from other mountains named Pinnacle.
Pinnaclepeak in NW Swain County on the NE end of Pinnacle Ridge.
Pinnaclecommunity in SW Stokes County. Alt. 1,085. Inc. 1901; charter repealed 1903. Originally known as Culler for Emanuel W. Culler, who owned part of the land on which a railroad station was built. The railroad began operation in 1888, and the post office there, 1880-1900, was known as Culler. The present name was adopted in 1900.
Pinnacle Branchrises in S Macon County and flows E into Shope Fork.
Pinnacle Creekrises in NW Swain County on Jenkins Trail Ridge and flows SW into Eagle Creek.
Pinnacle GapNE Buncombe County near Craggy Pinnacle in Great Craggy Mountains.
Pinnacle Knobat the junction of Buncombe-McDowell-Yancey county lines. Alt. 5,665.
Pinnacle Knobcentral Graham County between Sweetwater Creek and Mountain Creek.
Pinnacle KnobSW Haywood County on the NE end of Pinnacle Ridge.
Pinnacle Knobon Macon-Swain county line S of Brush Creek.
Pinnacle MountainNE Buncombe County between Town Branch and Corner Rock Creek.
Pinnacle Mountaincentral Henderson County overlooking Kanuga Lake. Alt. 3,662.
Pinnacle MountainN Jackson County between Dills Creek and Fisher Creek.
Pinnacle MountainS Macon County at the head of Pinnacle Branch. Alt. 5,020.
Pinnacle Mountainon the McDowell-Rutherford county line. Alt. 3,832.
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