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Oxfordtown authorized to be laid off on the lands of Robert Fields, 1806. The Oxford Academy was to be est. there. Said to have been located on Cedar Creek, present Davie County. No evidence that the town ever existed.
Oxfordtown and county seat, central Granville County. Authorized to be laid off in 1811 and inc. 1816. The land on which the town was est. had been a part of Samuel Benton's plantation, "Oxford," hence the name. Produces tobacco and textiles. Appears on the Price map, 1808. Alt. 476. See also Harris Burgh.
Oxford Districta section of Granville County, perhaps in the central part of the county in which Samuel Benton's plantation, "Oxford," was located. In 1790 there were 65 heads of families in the district.
Oxford LakeSee Lake Hickory.
Oxford Townshipcentral Granville County.
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