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East Prong [Hickory Fork]rises in N Madison County and flows SW into Hickory Fork.
Hickorycity in NW Catawba County. Alt. 1,163. Inc. 1863 as Hickory Tavern. Named for a log tavern built at the site in the 1850s. Name changed to Hickory, 1873. West Hickory, inc. as Berryville in 1895, is now within the limits of Hickory. Highland, inc. 1905, whose charter was repealed in 1931, is also now a part of Hickory. Highland was named for Highland Academy, located within its limits. Lenoir-Rhyne University now occupies site of former Highland Academy. Produces hosiery, textiles, furniture, electronics, fabricated metals, primary metals, and lumber.
Hickorycommunity in NE Nash County between Beaverdam Swamp and Fishing Creek. Sometimes also known as Pittmans Store.
Hickory Basina depression in E Graham County at the head of Shell Stand Creek.
Hickory Bearpen MountainE Madison County between Roaring Fork and Little Creek.
Hickory Bottomsandy valley in NW Swain County between Pinnacle Ridge and Hazel Creek.
Hickory Bottom Branchrises in N McDowell County and flows S into Armstrong Creek near Woodlawn.
Hickory Branchrises in N central Avery County and flows S to join Whitehead Creek before flowing into Elk River.
Hickory Branchrises in SW Cherokee County and flows SE into Persimmon Creek.
Hickory Branchrises in W Macon County and flows SE into Dicks Creek.
Hickory CoveS Swain County, extends NE between Marr Branch and Brush Creek.
Hickory CoveW Swain County between Sandy Gap Branch and Gunlock Ridge.
Hickory CoveW Swain County between Watia Creek and Jake Branch.
Hickory Cove Creekrises in NW Clay County and flows SW into Rock House Creek.
Hickory Creekrises in SE Caldwell County and flows S into Upper Little River.
Hickory Creekrises in E Cleveland County and flows SW into First Broad River.
Hickory Creekrises in S Guilford County and flows S into Deep River. Appears on the Collet map, 1770.
Hickory Creekrises in NE Stokes County and flows E into Rockingham County, where it enters Mayo River.
Hickory Cross Roadscommunity in N Perquimans County.
Hickory Crossroadscommunity in E Johnston County.
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