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Currituckcommunity and county seat, central Currituck County. Mentioned in local records as early as 1755. In 1822 a commission was appointed to purchase 20 acres around the courthouse, if local citizens voted approval, to lay out a town to be named Crawford. The proposal was defeated. Alt. 8.
Currituck Banksor North Banks of Currituck, in E Currituck County, one of the Outer Banks, extends S from Virginia to Bodie Island in E Dare County. All or a part of Currituck Banks is shown as Lucks Island on the Comberford map, 1657. See also Lucks Island; Croatamung; Point Bacon; Goade Island.
Currituck BeachSee Corolla.
Currituck Countywas formed by 1681 as a precinct within Albemarle County. Located in the NE section of the state, it is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Albemarle Sound, Camden County, and the state of Virginia. The name is traditionally said to be derived from Coratank, an Indian word for wild geese. Area: 469 sq. mi. County seat: Currituck, with an elevation of 8 ft. Townships are Crawford, Fruitville, Moyock, and Poplar Branch. Produces Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, soybeans, hogs, cattle, peanuts, steel products, concrete products, seafood, and lumber. See also Farmington.
Currituck Creekrises in SE Hertford County and flows SE into Bertie County, where it enters Chowan River.
Currituck Inletthrough what is now Currituck Banks, E Currituck County, shown on the Comberford map, 1657, as Choratuck Inlet. Closed by a storm in 1828. See also Denniss Island.
Currituck NarrowsSee Poplar Branch.
Currituck ParishChurch of England, Currituck County, coextensive with the county, est. 1715. In 1767 the parish had 400 white taxables.
Currituck Pointextends from the SW mainland of Hyde County into the mouth of Pungo River.
Currituck Soundthe body of water between Currituck Banks on the E and the mainland of Currituck County on the W and from Knotts Island on the N to Powells Point on the s. Approx. 30 mi. long; max. width, 4 mi. It appears on the Moseley map, 1733. In 1930 Wright Memorial Bridge, 3 mi. long wooden span, was built across the sound from Point Harbor to N of Kitty Hawk. See also Titepano.
Currituck TownshipW Hyde County.
Little CurrituckSee Farmington.
New Currituck Inletfrom the Atlantic Ocean into Currituck Sound through Currituck Banks, opened in the 1730s and closed in 1828. The site is now in E Currituck County.
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