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Camdenunincorporated county seat in W central Camden County. Known as Plank Bridge as early as 1740; inc. as Jonesborough, 1792. As early as 1840, the name "Camden" was being used. From the end of the Revolution until about 1830, the community was a port of entry for customs collection. Alt. 10.
Camden Countywas formed in 1777 from Pasquotank County. Located in the NE section of the state, it is bounded by the state of Virginia, Albemarle Sound, and Pasquotank, Gates, and Currituck Counties. It was named for Sir Charles Pratt, Earl of Camden (1716-94), English jurist and political leader who opposed taxation of the American colonies and believed the Stamp Act to be unconstitutional. Area: 308 sq. mi. County seat: Camden, with an elevation of 10 ft. Townships are Court House, Shiloh, and South Mills. Produces corn, soybeans, Irish potatoes, wheat, steel products, concrete products, seafood, and hogs.
Camden Pointthe SE tip of Camden County that extends into the Albemarle Sound. See also Poquoson Point.
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