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Andrewstown in NE Cherokee County. Inc. 1905. First known as Valley Town, a name still applied to an adjacent community. Renamed for Alexander Boyd Andrews (1841-1915), leader in the development of the Western North Carolina Railroad. Alt. 1,825. Produces textiles and apparel.
Andrews BaldN Swain County in Great Smoky Mountains National Park between Forney Creek and Salola Branch. Alt. 5,860.
Andrews GeyserSW McDowell County, in Horseshoe Bend of the Southern Railway, was constructed in the 1880s, restored in 1911 and 1975, as a tribute to Col. Alexander Boyd Andrews, builder of the Western North Carolina Railroad into Asheville. Water from a higher mountain lake about 2 mi. away is piped to the site. Natural pressure forces the water upward in a 100-ft. jet from the center of a stone fountain. Formerly passenger trains stopped there for 20 minutes to enable those interested to visit the site.
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