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Lake Gastonwas formed on Roanoke River about 8 mi. upstream from the city of Roanoke Rapids and extends along the Halifax-Northampton county line NW into NE Warren County and into Virginia. Gaston Dam, 3,600 ft. wide and 105 ft. high, was completed in 1963 by Virginia Electric and Power Company and lies on the upstream end of the Roanoke Rapids Lake. Lake Gaston is 34 mi. long, with max. width of 1.3 mi. Covers 20,300 acres, with a shoreline of 350 mi. and a max. depth of 97 ft. Used for generation of hydroelectric power and recreation.
Lake Greshamin N central Wake County on Perry Creek. Formed in 1939. Covers 100 acres and has max. depth of 30 ft. Used for recreation.
Lake Hickoryon Catawba River, within Alexander and Caldwell Counties on the N and Burke and Catawba Counties on the s. Formed by a dam constructed in 1928 by Duke Power Co. Covers 4,110 acres. Source of hydroelectric power; fishing, boating, and swimming. Dam at the site of former Oxford Ford across the river; named for Samuel Oxford, pioneer settler who opened the ford. Alt. 829. Lake formerly known as Oxford Lake or Oxford Reservoir.
Lake HuntS Rockingham County. Built on N fork of Piney Creek in 1956. Covers approx. 175 acres. Named for George Hunt, mayor of Reidsville.
Lake Jameson Catawba River, Burke and McDowell Counties. Formed when Bridgewater Dam was built, 1916-23, and formerly called Bridgewater Reservoir. Fed by North Fork [Catawba River], Linville River, and numerous smaller tributaries in addition to Catawba River. Owned by Duke Power Co. and named for James B. Duke (1856-1925). Covers 6,510 acres, with a shoreline of 150 mi. Used for recreation and generation of hydroelectric power.
Lake Johnsonin S central Wake County on Walnut Creek. Covers 160 acres and has max. depth of 18 ft. Owned by city of Raleigh. Used for fishing, boating, and municipal water supply.
Lake JuanitaSee Lake Louise.
Lake Junaluskacentral Haywood County on Richland Creek. Formerly covered 250 acres, but silt filled it until it is much smaller. Named for the Cherokee Indian chief, Junaluska (ca. 1758-1858). The lake covers the site of the former community of Tuscola, which had a post office in the 1870s and 1880s.
Lake Junaluskacommunity in central Haywood County on the lake. Methodist assembly grounds and resort area. The assembly was inc. in 1909 and the community site selected soon afterward. Alt. 2,584.
Lake KawanaSE Avery County on Linville River. Two acres in area; max. depth 10 ft. Owned by Linville Resort and used for fishing, boating, swimming, and, sometimes in the winter, ice skating. Also known as Linville Lake.