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Chestnut Branchrises in N Mitchell County and flows E into Left Fork Bean Creek.
Chestnut Branchrises in N Clay County and flows NE into Tuni Creek.
Chestnut Branchrises in N Haywood County near lat. 35°45'15" N., long. 83°09'45" W., and flows E into Big Creek.
Chestnut Covethe valley through which Chestnut Cove Branch flows in NE Buncombe County.
Chestnut CoveE Swain County between Deep Gap and Camp Branch.
Chestnut CoveS Buncombe County SW of Truck-wheel Mountain.
Chestnut Cove Branchrises in NE Buncombe County near Middle Mountain and flows W through Chestnut Cove into North Fork [Swannanoa River].
Chestnut Cove CreekS Buncombe County near Chestnut Cove.
Chestnut Cove Creekrises in NW Haywood County and flows SE into Big Creek.
Chestnut Cove Creekrises in E Swain County and flows NE into Connelly Creek.