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Ziglar's StoreSee Shelton's Store.
ZillicoahSee French Broad River.
Zilphy Creekrises in S central Stokes County and flows E into Dan River.
Zioncommunity in SW Lincoln County served by post office, 1900-1901.
Zioncommunity in SW Yadkin County served by post office, 1856-95.
Zionvillecommunity in N Watauga County on Cove Creek. Alt. 3,159.
Zircon MountainS Henderson County near Freeman Creek.
Zirconiacommunity in S Henderson County. Alt. 2,084. Named for zircon mines operated there in the 1880s. Zircon discovered there in 1869.
Zoarcommunity in SE Union County near Lanes Creek. Served by post office, 1876-1900.
Zorahcommunity in NE Craven County served by post office, 1888-1904. Now known as Caton for David Caton, donor of land for local school.