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Unicoi Gapon the Cherokee County, N.C.-Monroe County, Tenn., line in the Unicoi Mountains.
Unicoi Mountainsin Cherokee and Graham Counties, N.C., and Monroe and Polk Counties, Tenn., form in part the common boundary line of the two states between the Little Tennessee River and Hiwassee River. The name is one of those in common use; it was suggested by Horace Kephart and approved by the nomenclature committees of the Great Smoky Mountains Park Commissions of North Carolina and Tennessee. The name—which, like Unaka, is a corruption of Unega, meaning "white"—was used in the 1789 act passed by the General Assembly of North Carolina that ceded what is now the state of Tennessee to the U.S. government: "where it is called Unicoy or Unaka Mountain between the Indian towns of Cowee and Old Chota."
Unioncommunity in S Hertford County. Inc. 1889; charter repealed 1939. Brittle Ordinary appears at the location on the Collet map, 1770; in 1808 it was called Brickle Inn. A post office with the name Union operated, 1878-1906.
Unioncommunity in S Macon County on Dowdle Branch.
Union CitySee Fairmont.
Union Copper Mineformer mine in NE Cabarrus County, operated extensively from the early 1900s until 1914. Further explorations made in 1960, but mine not reopened for work.
Union Countywas formed in 1842 from Anson and Mecklenburg Counties. Located in the S central section of the state, it is bounded by the state of South Carolina and by Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Stanly, and Anson Counties. At the time the county was formed, there was a dispute between local Whigs and Democrats as to whether it should be named Clay or Jackson. The name Union was suggested and adopted as a compromise and because the new county was created from parts of two others. Area: 643 sq. mi. County seat: Monroe, with an elevation of 576 ft. Townships are Buford, Goose Creek, Jackson, Lanes Creek, Marshville, Monroe, New Salem, Sandy Ridge, and Vance. Produces oats, wheat, corn, cotton, lespedeza, poultry, turkeys, hogs, dairy products, livestock, textiles, apparel, bricks, pipes, processed meat, industrial machinery, wood products, asbestos, and crushed stone.
Union Crosscommunity in SE Forsyth County.
Union Crosscommunity in central Yadkin County. Named for Union Cross Friends Meeting, organized in 1883.
Union FactorySee Randleman.