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Supplycommunity in S central Brunswick County on Lockwoods Folly River. From 1805 until 1810, the county courthouse was at the site.
Surf Citytown in SE Pender County on the Atlantic Ocean. Inc. 1949.
Surlcommunity in E Person County served by post office, 1883-1909.
SurrySee White Post.
Surry Countywas formed in 1771 from Rowan County. Located in the N central section of the state, it is bounded by the state of Virginia and by Stokes, Yadkin, Wilkes, and Alleghany Counties. Named for the County of Surrey in England, birthplace of then-incumbent governor William Tryon. The fact that the name is similar to Saura, the Indian tribe that had recently inhabited the region, may have had some influence in the choice. Area: 538 sq. mi. County seat: Dobson, with an elevation of 1,265 ft. Townships are Bryan, Dobson, Eldora, Elkin, Franklin, Long Hill, Marsh, Mount Airy, Pilot, Rockford, Shoals, Siloam, South Westfield, Stewarts, and Westfield. Produces tobacco, corn, wheat, poultry, barley, grapes, honey, wine, dairy products, hogs, livestock, textiles, hosiery, apparel, furniture, granite, and crushed stone.
Sussexcommunity in N Ashe County.
Sutherlandcommunity in W Ashe County. Alt. approx. 3,150.
Sutphincommunity in S Alamance County served by post office, 1891-1905. See also Lindley's Mill.
Suttoncommunity in S Duplin County.
Suttoncommunity in S Franklin County on Norris Creek.