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Rail Cove Branchrises in NE Cherokee County and flows SW and NE into Ingram Branch.
Railroad PondE Anson County SE of Lilesville. Covers approx. 4 acres; max. depth 12 ft. Formed early in the twentieth century when gravel was removed from the site.
Rainbow Bankssteep bank of the Roanoke River, N Martin County between Poplar Point on the E and Hamilton on the w. Mentioned in an act of the General Assembly in 1729 and appears on the Collet map, 1770.
Rainbow Creekrises in S Greene County and flows NE into Contentnea Creek. The name appears in local records as early as 1730.
Rainbow Fallsin SW Transylvania County on Horsepasture River. Height of falls is 200 ft.
Rainbow GapNE Buncombe County between Lookout Mountain and Montreat. Alt. approx. 3,250.
Rainbow Gapon the Buncombe-Yancey county line between Blackstock and Potato Knobs. Alt. approx. 5,860.
Rainbow Islandsareas of fine, sandy loam surrounded by swamp in E Washington County SW of the community of Scuppernong.
Rainbow Lakein S Transylvania County on Middle Creek near its junction with East Fork French Broad River. Covers 2 acres and has a max. depth of 20 ft. Used for recreation.
Rainbow Springscommunity in SW Macon County on Pat Stable Branch.