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Pace Branchrises in central Cherokee County and flows SW into Rogers Creek.
PacificSee Youngsville.
Pack GapSW Cherokee County on Pack Mountain.
Pack MountainSW Cherokee County, extends SE from Pack Gap near the Polk County, Tenn., line to Signal Pole Hill. In Nantahala National Forest. Named peaks include Harris Top, Pack Top, and Signal Pole Hill.
Pack TopSW Cherokee County in Nantahala National Forest at the NW end of Pack Mountain near the Tennessee state line. Alt. approx. 2,415.
Packs Creekrises in S Jackson County and flows NW into Robinson Creek.
Pacolet Fallon Pacolet River in SE Henderson County.
Pacolet Riverrises in SE Henderson County near the South Carolina state line and flows NE into Polk County, where it turns SE to flow into South Carolina. There it enters Broad River. Sometimes also known as North Pacolet River.
Pactolustown in E Pitt County. Inc. 1887. Named for the ancient river in Asia Minor. Alt. 22.
Pactolus TownshipE Pitt County.