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Oakscommunity in SW Orange County on Cane Creek. Site of an academy as early as 1829. The Bingham School operated there, 1844-65.
Oaks KnobW Avery County.
Oakviewcommunity in SW Guilford County adjacent to High Point. A portion of High Point was formerly a part of the Oakview community.
Oakvillecommunity in N Franklin County.
Oakvillecommunity in N Warren County between Hawtree Creek and Sixpound Creek. A post office est. there in 1872 was discontinued in 1907.
Oakwood Acrescommunity in S Davidson County on High Rock Lake.
Oakwoodscommunity in S Wilkes County between Cub Creek and East Prong Cub Creek. Settled by several Scottish families.
Oaky MountainNE Chatham County.
Obadiah CoveW Graham County between Fork Ridge and Hooper Mill Creek.
Obadiah Gapon Horse Cove Ridge in W Graham County.