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Osage MountainS Macon County between West Fork Overflow Creek and Watkins Creek.
Osborn Branchrises in NE Transylvania County and flows SE into Boylston Creek.
Osborn MountainE Watauga County between Elk Creek and Southwest Stony Fork Creek.
Osbornecommunity in S Richmond County.
Osborne Creekrises in SE Wilkes County and flows S into Iredell County, where it enters Hunting Creek.
Osbornvillecommunity in SE Wilkes County on Osborne Creek.
Osburn Fordshallows in Pigeon River just NE of the town of Clyde in central Haywood County.
Osceolacommunity in central Alamance County served by post office, 1894-1903.
Osceolacrossroads community in NE Guilford County.
Osceola Lakecentral Henderson County, is fed by Findley, Perry, and Tonys Creeks and drained by Shephard Creek. It was formed about 1914 and named for an Indian chief in the area. Covers 12 acres; max. depth 20 ft.