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Davie MountainS Clay County at the SW end of Cherry Mountain. Alt. 2,958.
Davie MountainNW Henderson County near Davie Branch.
DavisSee Bakersville.
Daviscommunity on Core Sound in E Carteret County on Davis Shore.
Davis Baldon the Macon-Swain county line near the head of Little Laurel Creek. Alt. approx. 4,500.
Davis BayE Pasquotank County between Cobb Point and Brickhouse Point on the Pasquotank River.
Davis Branchrises in W Madison County and flows S into French Broad River.
Davis Branchrises in S central Swain County and flows SW into Yalaka Creek.
Davis Cove Branchrises in W Madison County and flows E into Spring Creek.
Davis Creekrises in S Swain County and flows W into Sawmill Creek.