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Crabtree TownshipE Yancey County.
Craddock Swamprises in N Sampson County and flows SW into Ward Swamp.
Craggycommunity in central Buncombe County on the W bank of French Broad River S of Elk Mountain. Alt. 1,944.
Craggy Domepeak in Great Graggy Mountains, NE Buncombe County. Formerly known as Big Craggy. Alt. 6,080-6,100.
Craggy Gardensa 675-acre area in NE Buncombe County N of Craggy Knob. Noted for its native purple rhododendron, which blooms in mid-June.
Craggy Knobpeak in Great Craggy Mountains, NE Buncombe County. Sometimes shown on old maps as Bee Tree Mountain or High Top of Bee Tree. Alt. 5,600-5,700.
Craggy Pinnaclepeak in the Great Craggy Mountains, NE Buncombe County. Appears in early records and on old maps as Buckner's Knob. Alt. 5,900-6,000.
Cragnola Gapat the head of Cabin Creek in S Henderson County.
Craigcommunity in S McDowell County served by post office, 1896-1912.
Craig MountainS Macon County near the heads of Mulberry Creek and Waterloo Branch.