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Buxtonplantation house in S Warren County S of the community of Inez; home of John Buxton Williams, a local planter. The house, built in 1850, is still standing.
Buxton Woods Coastal ReserveSee Hatteras Woods.
Buzzard Bayan inlet of the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean (through Corncake Inlet) in the N part of Smith Island, Brunswick County.
Buzzard Bayin South River near site of former Lukens community, N central Carteret County.
Buzzard Bayon the sound side of N Bodie Island in E Dare County; opposite the town of Kill Devil Hills and on S coast of Colington Island. See also Colington Island.
Buzzard Branchrises in N Franklin County and flows NE into Sandy Creek.
Buzzard KnobS Buncombe County NW of Hickory Top.
Buzzard KnobSW Buncombe County W of Stony Fork community.
Buzzard KnobS Macon County between Nickajack Creek and Stansfield Branch.
Buzzard KnobSW Macon County at the SW end of Horse Ridge.