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Butler Knobpeak in the South Mountains, S Burke County. Alt. 2,062.
Butler MountainS Buncombe County between Baldwin Gap and Chestnut Mountain.
Butler MountainSE Henderson County.
Butler's Millscommunity in central Montgomery County served by post office, 1827-47.
Butlerscommunity in central Bertie County.
Butlers Crossroadscommunity in S central Sampson County.
Butnercommunity in SW Granville County. State hospital, training school, and factories are there. Camp Butner, which see, activated 1942, closed 1946, named for Maj. Gen. Henry Wolfe Butner (1875-1937), was there. Produces textiles, hosiery. See also Hampton; Knap of Reeds.
Butt MountainSE Henderson County.
Butt MountainW Henderson County in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a spur extending SE from Big Butt Mountain on Mount Sterling Ridge, near lat. 35°39'20" N., long. 83°09'10" W.
Butte MountainN Caldwell County on Little Kings Creek. Alt. 2,500.