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Burnsvillecommunity in NW Anson County. Area settled by 1753; known as Burnsville by 1836. Probably named for Walter Burns, who operated an early tavern there.
Burnsvilletown and county seat, central Yancey County. Alt. 2,817. Est. 1833 at the creation of the county. Named for Otway Burns (1775-1850), privateer of the War of 1812 and later member of the General Assembly. Although he was an easterner, he supported the political ambitions of the westerners around the time Yancey County was created. Burnsville was chartered in 1857 but repealed in 1921; rechartered 1922. Produces hosiery, carpets, textiles, and minerals.
Burnsville TownshipNW Anson County.
Burnsville Townshipcentral Yancey County.
Burnt Branchrises in NE Cherokee County and flows NW into Valley River.
Burnt Cabin Gapin SE Jackson County between Panthertown Creek and Little Hogback Mountain.
Burnt ChimneySee Forest City.
Burnt Coat Branchrises in NE Duplin County and flows SW into Northeast Cape Fear River.
Burnt Coat Swamprises in W central Halifax County and flows SW into Beech Swamp. Appears on the Collet map, 1770.
Burnt HillSee Burnthill.